Mission Impossible? Customer Reference Initiatives

Oct 8, 2010

Welcome to our first post on HiTechPR’s new blog on trends in PR and marketing. The blog will be hosted by Mark Bruce, HiTechPR’s president, along with members of the HiTechPR team and occasional guests. This blog will serve as a platform for analyzing PR objectives, strategies, tactics, measurement (and rants) across the product and service spectrum. For starters, we're exploring what has become a Herculeon task in technology PR: finding enthusiastic customers willing to be references or public champions in support of your sales and marketing programs. It's not that your clients aren't evangelical—it's that they are often stymied by No Vendor Endorsement rules or multi-department approval processes. One 30-year PR veteran recently told me, "I don't even try to convince my customers to talk to analysts or the media. It's impossible!"  I agree. It's impossible—but it has to be done. More to follow...

Irv Oct 10, 2010

This problem is a real hassle for everyone involved. I've found an excellent resources online to help tackle some of these issues: Try the Customer Reference Forum. Customerreferenceforum.com. Good luck.

Mark Bruce Oct 11, 2010

Thanks for the tip Irv. Yes, you're  right to suggest using the Customer Reference Forum. It's the number one resource for CRP professionals. We've been members for over a year now. Thanks, Mark

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