Measuring PR Initiatives Part II

Jun 19, 2013

1. Advertising equivalent:

How much would the same print space or broadcast segment time cost if you had to pay for it?

2. Number of impressions

How many people might have seen this segment or read our placement? Did other publications pick up this article as well (was it syndicated?)

3. How many might be in our target audience?

4. Website statistics
Google analytics is useful here

5. How many unique visitors have accessed our site since the media relations initiative started?
  • Compared to number of visitors the month before? 
  • Compared to visitors in the same timeframe last year?
6. Website ranking
Since the PR campaign began: on, for example
7. Has our search ranking gone up or down? (With Alexa, down is positive.)
8. Uptick in leads, revenue and/or donations
Compared to last month
Compared to the same period last year
9. Attitude change
Compared to last surveyed attitudes/beliefs
Compared to attitudes in the overall market or sample
10. Content analysis
  • How many of our key messages made it into this article or segment?
  • How many times was our name mentioned?
  • Competitors mentioned? 
  • Was the article positive overall? 
  • Was there a call to action or was our website link published so the audience can take the next step and contact us?
  • Did the same (or condensed version) appear online as well?

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