A Press Release is a Tactic--Not a Strategy

Mar 15, 2012

Many of our technology PR, health care and start-up clients believe (or start out believing) a compelling press release written like an ad is their entre to industry analysts and major trade and business media coverage. When nothing happens after they've sent out their releases, blogged and tweeted the information, they often give up on PR as a viable marketing strategy. 

Even if they're professionally written, PR releases are good for two things--SEO and background for an article or mention. That's it. Don't count on a release to get you meaningful coverage.   

What is the alternative? How does my team, for example, consistently generate award-winning coverage for our clients in major trade publications, analyst research notes, broadcast and mainstream business media? What's our secret sauce?   

In two words: Strategic Planning.

We work with a plan that's defined by our clients' objectives. For example, in technology PR and product launches, the key to success is creating a formal customer reference program that supports the PR function. What's the connection?

The first question any analyst or top tier editor, reporter or producer asks is: Your idea (or your solution or product) sounds incredible--can I speak to a customer?

Next--it's so predictable--it takes unprepared, scurrying marketing folks days and sometimes weeks and far more than a phone call or two to make this happen.

Most say at the start every customer they have is a media contact; when often none in fact are. By working proactively--before a release is written, we help our clients bulk up their customer references with a formal CRP so their PR programs are far more successful.

More on strategic PR and customer reference initiatives in the next entry.

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