Importance of Customer References in B2B Marketing

May 16, 2011

One statistic: Reichheld describes the "Key Marker" for success as a "Net Promoter Score" (NPS) over 50%. In other words, at least 50% of your customers are active references.

Another marker: Fortune SB 2008 -- 20 out of 20 of the most successful small businesses had excellent NPS reference scores.
According to Moore: “Part of what defines a high-tech market is the tendency of its members to reference each other when making buying decisions.”
Once you have a willing customer, you should be able to document their successful experience with your organization. This is about recording your organization's references for your market; whether you call them case studies, user, success, or application stories,  they should be professionally written and occupy center stage on your website, in your literature and as part of a comprehensive analyst/media relations initiative.
What if you only have one or two customers willing to act as references? HiTechPR, on behalf of our client, Sigma Imaging,  placed a Con Ed Customer Service case study in ten different business and vertical market publications incluiding BusinessWeek. It can be done.

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