PR Strategy Affect PR Outcomes?

Apr 30, 2012

The short answer is that, if you're a technology firm, for example, you likely have a marketing strategy aimed at persuading technological savvy users and IT folks to test your product--sometimes in parallel with current systems. Why bother? Because this particular market values the information they glean from these tests. In the same way, PR strategy informs the entire team in terms of goals, objectives and tactics; everyone can move forward in a synchronized fashion.

If we know exactly what we want our audience to do and we know the composition of our publics as well, then creating analyst presentations, PR materials and media contact profiles--all fall into place.

However, if the strategy is "write a press release and get it out there," don't expect outstanding results. In fact, you shouldn't expect much of anything. This empty goal often creates the opposite effect--a conclusion that "PR isn't cutting it for our firm."

That said, there are three basic reasons to compose and distribute a release: 1. For enhancing SEO.  2. Publicly held firms must abide by full disclosure rules and sending out a release to a specific audience is mandatory. 3. For background, so reporters/producers have basic information they can refer to.

Privately held firms are not obligated to send news releases to anyone.

Mark Bruce/HiTechPR