Multidimensional Marketing Communications

Public Relations

Carefully planned strategy, excellent writing, pinpoint distribution and tenacious follow-up all contribute to a successful public relations program. By listening to our clients and gaining a deep understanding of the business and its different audiences, we are able to put together a communications plan to help drive growth.

Analyst Relations

When gaining market share means increasing mind share, reaching the influencers is Job One. Because establishing a positive relationship with one or more research firms is vitally important—especially for startups—HiTechPR was among the first agencies to arrange analyst tours for its clients. Our resources and personal knowledge of the analyst industry opens doors that for some might seem difficult to access and our ability to prepare clients for the critical meetings that follow help create successful outcomes.

Marketing Strategies

You can’t successfully sell products and services without a plan. HiTechPR’s strategy service helps our clients develop an in-depth understanding of their marketing challenges and solutions by analyzing market potential, competitive offerings, segmentation possibilities and positioning. We also help you identify and reach critical decision influencers including analysts, editors, associations, gurus/bloggers—anyone who can move the needle. Our analyses result in actionable roadmaps and communication blueprints—critical tools for startups in need of a formal business plan or companies interested in rebooting their marketing and sales efforts.

Social Media/SEO

HiTechPR was an early adopter of social media optimization and its limitless capabilities. Today, whether planning a PR or advertising campaign, our strategy always includes ways to increase market share by using Facebook, Twitter and other contemporary means of instant communication.

Visual Brand Identity

Success means standing out from your competitors. The overall look of your communications – a bold logo, specific fonts, distinctive graphical elements, memorable corporate colors and a unique company motto all contribute to a corporate or brand identity that shows stakeholders you mean business. We work with top graphic designers and intellectual property experts to ensure that your identity will be distinctive and memorable.

Workplace Communications

A successful company must communicate effectively with its employees. A pioneer in helping clients define and strengthen their corporate cultures, HiTechPR has expertise in internal communications and employee engagement.

Website Content

  HiTechPR can evaluate your company’s website to improve its design, content and ease-of-use and to optimize its search engine optimization/ranking capability (SEO). Using Flash content or streaming video, our web experts can provide features that will make your site an attractive destination for customers and the media.   

Promotional Materials

Today, although the need for printed materials has decreased, salespeople still need promotional tools in hand when they go about building face-to-face customer relationships. We can write, design and produce brochures, sales sheets, mailers and ad reprints at a very competitive price.


These days, with money extremely tight, it is vital that companies get value from every advertising dollar. Advertising can get results—but only with ample research, creative ideas and effective execution. HiTechPR can work in tandem with a PR campaign or independently to bring attention to your product or service. Whether your target audience is consumer or industrial, we can breathe new life into your high tech advertising and marketing program.

Investor Relations

Managing the content and dissemination of your company information is a vital corporate responsibility. As a member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) HiTechPR is prepared and ready to help your company maximize its relative valuation.

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